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Unofficial Guide to MeanFi

This site is maintained by the Mean DAO community and serves as a resource to explore the breadth of DeFi applications associated with the Mean Protocol platform and MeanFi.

Is this guide approved by the community?

This guide was written by members of the Mean Community, also known as Mean Apes, to explore the MeanFi decentralized platform in greater detail and present a variety of DeFi strategies by which users can derive additional value from the platform.
This is not an official guide for Mean DAO, MeanFi, or Mean Protocol, nor it should be construed as financial advice. As always with DeFi and cryptocurrency in general, do your own research, and only invest what you’re comfortable with potentially losing.

Where can I find the official documentation?

Official documentation for the Mean DAO:​
The MeanFi application can be found here:​

What will I find on this website?

The goal of this website is to present a variety of tutorials, getting started guides, and investment strategies that utilize the MeanFi. Topic samples include managing money streams, DCA, vaults, borrowing and repayments, and how to integrate Mai Finance into other DeFi protocols/strategies.
Lastly, information on how to efficiently use Mean DAO's native token, MEAN, will be provided, as they develop.

What will I not find on this website?

Some assumptions we are making are:
  • Readers are already aware of DeFi projects on Solana, and the Solana Ecosystem in general.
  • Have a good understanding of how cryptocurrency works, and are informed of the different risks related to the cryptocurrency industry in general.
If you have questions about the Tokenomics of MEAN, and other basic tenants of the Mean Protocol and MeanFi, please read the official documentation (link above) or join the Discord community.
There is no OFFICIAL Telegram Community. If you join an unofficial group, do so at your own risk.