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Additional tools and services you can access through MeanFi


Save time, make payroll easy—in fact, we don't think your job could be any easier. All you need to do is set up the automatic payroll with the rate and frequency desired.
Payroll money streams work for employees with a long-term contract (monthly or yearly salaries), and for those more actively managed that require employees to clock-in and clock-out to count their worked hours.
In either case, MeanFi Payroll makes the life of the employer and the employee easier and saves hours of paperwork, reminders, adjustments, and headaches. Check our Payroll page for more information.

Institutional Custody

Offers a secure custody solution for institutions so they can safely invest in crypto assets. With our platform, you can access multiple venues through one onboarding process and borrow USD or EUR against your crypto collateral or lend out your cryptocurrency holdings and earn returns on them while they're under custody with us.
We make it easy for institutional investors of any size to participate with treasuries starting at $1,000,000. If you prefer an actively managed crypto-portfolio with the safety of a traditional financing system, fill the form on the Custody page for inquiries.